On this page you’ll find some extra resources to help you with your job search.

Graduates & Trainees

If you’re trying to figure out what to do after graduating or completing A Levels, we can help you find the perfect job.  We have a wide range of opportunities and are here to assist you.

Refer a Friend for £500

For every candidate you refer and we then place in a permanent role, we'll give you £500 worth of vouchers of your choice!

Temping and Contracting

The Situations team can help you find just the right temporary, contract or interim role for several weeks, months or even years!

Career Tools

Starting out in your career? Unsure whether to make a move? Or already decided to seek a new position? We can help you prepare for your job search.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Situations embraces diversity amongst its staff and candidates and we're committed to eliminating discrimination. Our aim is that our workforce and candidates are truly representative of all sections of society and that each employee/candidate feels respected and able to give their best.

Living & Working in Guernsey

Find out what's required to move to Guernsey, about life in the Island and how to go about getting the required documentation to work here.

Temp Timesheet

Currently temping with Situations? Download our Temp Timesheet here.

Guernsey Employment Law

This Guide is a basic summary of employment law in Guernsey, kindly provided by legal firm Appleby.

Training, Coaching & Development

To get ahead in your career in today’s employment market, it’s vital to obtain relevant qualifications and attend courses to maintain and update your skills. We've partnered with Select Training for your Learning & Development needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Situations is committed, both now and in the future, to being mindful of minimising its environmental footprint and taking time to assist charitable causes and the local community.

Hogan Psychometric Assessment Service

Want to know that you have the best employees in the right positions? Look no further, Situations can offer you Hogan Psychometric Assessments to make sure your business flies with the right people!

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If you are unsure about how to take the next step, or which step to take, give us a ring on 710639 or e-mail us to arrange an appointment and we will talk you through the best way forward. We can advise on which courses to consider, professional studies, how to try and secure that desired promotion, a change in career direction, altering working hours, and more...