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Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands, located in the English Channel between France and the UK.  Though independently governed, the Channel Islands are under the protection of the British Crown.

Guernsey is the second largest Island in the group with a population of c.60,000 in an area of 25 square miles.  Whilst the Island is not in the European Union (EU), it does have a special relationship with it.             


Due to the size of this Island, its offshore status and the density of the population, strict controls have been imposed on who is allowed to live and work here.

All employees require an up to date “Right to Work” document issued by the Guernsey Housing Department to confirm they are lawfully housed and permitted to work.


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Guernsey Housing & Right to Work Restrictions

Guernsey’s Population Management law of 2017 restricts who may live and work on this small Island.

Local & Open Market Housing

Guernsey properties fall into either “Local Market” or “Open Market” categories. Local Market housing is for locally qualified residents or for those persons whose employer has applied for an Employment Permit on their behalf – see more info below. Open Market housing is generally for people from outside of the Island and may be single occupancy (one person/couple/family) or multi-occupancy (a house share situation). Open Market properties are generally more expensive than Local Market. If you hold an EEA or UK passport or have been granted “Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK”, you can move over to Guernsey, live in a single occupancy Open Market property and work on the Island for as long as you wish, or you can live in a multi-occupancy Open Market dwelling and work here for a maximum of 5 years then you must leave the Island.

Guernsey Right to Work Document

Everyone who lives and works in Guernsey requires a Guernsey Right to Work document before they may start work here. If you were Guernsey born and educated and have been resident in the Island for all of your life, you are eligible for a Guernsey Right to Work document called a “Status Declaration” and you may live in the cheaper Local Market accommodation. If you were locally born and/or educated but have lived away from the Island for some time, you will need to contact the Guernsey Housing Department to clarify your housing status – see their website link below. If you are from outside of Guernsey/new to the Island, please see the Work Permit and Employment Permit information provided below.

Visas/”Work Permits”

If you do not hold an EEA or British passport, you will need a Work Permit (visa) in order to live and work here in Guernsey. Work Permits are issued by the Guernsey Border Agency for a maximum of 5 years. Depending on the field and level of role you seek (if the job is considered “essential” to the Island and your skills cannot be easily sourced locally), your employer may apply for a Work Permit on your behalf.

Employment Permit/Right to Work

If you do not hold an EEA or British passport, in addition to the above Work Permit you will also need an Employment Permit (Guernsey Right to Work document), which is issued by the Guernsey Housing Department. A Medium-Term Employment Permit is for 5 years and a Long Term Employment Permit is for 8 years - they apply to different fields and levels of role. Depending on the field and level of role you seek, your employer may apply for a 5 or 8-year Employment Permit on your behalf. An Employment Permit allows you to live in the cheaper “Local Market” accommodation in the Island, even though you are from outside of Guernsey.

If you wish to change Guernsey employer within the Work Permit and Employment Permit period, your new employer will need to apply for the transfer of both your Work Permit and Employment Permit and any transfer is not guaranteed.

If your field or level of employment does not warrant application for an Employment Permit, in order to live and work in Guernsey you will need to hold an EEA/British Passport and to secure the more expensive Open Market accommodation.

More information on all of the above can be found at and


Guernsey Income Tax

The Guernsey Income Tax rate is 20% of earnings, however there is a standard single person’s allowance of £11k, which means that you do not pay income tax on the first £10k of your annual earnings.
If you have just moved to Guernsey permanently or are about to, you will need to register with the Guernsey Income Tax department. You can find the online registration here -

For more information regarding Guernsey Income Tax, please visit their website:

Guernsey Social Security (social insurance)

The current Guernsey Social Security (social insurance) rate is 6.6% of earnings and applies to everyone over school leaving age. The reason we contribute to the Guernsey Social Insurance Scheme is to receive various benefits according to whether or not you work and how you are employed. As an employed person, you are entitled (subject to fulfilling certain conditions) to: Sickness benefit, Invalidity benefit, Industrial injury benefit, Industrial medical benefit, Industrial disablement benefit, Unemployment benefit, Old age pension, Bereavement benefit, Death grant and Maternity benefit.

For more information regarding Guernsey Social Security, please visit their website:

Moving to Guernsey 

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Moving to Guernsey

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