26 Jul 2019

Compliance Officer - Bank & Trust

Ref 32475

A Compliance Team is recruiting for a Registered Compliance Officer - Bank & Trust to join them and follow their key objective, which is to assess the conformity of internal codes of conduct, policies or internal procedures with legal obligations and best practice applicable to its business.

The key purpose of the role will include:

  • To assist the CI Head of Compliance and other CAFC colleagues to provide guidance to management and staff of the company so that the business remains compliant with all relevant regulations, legislation and best practice
  • To provide back-fill assistance in monitoring the effectiveness of compliance controls and regularly reporting to senior management
  • To undertake all Registered Compliance Officer duties for the Guernsey Bank and Trust Company
  • To assist with the management of the compliance officers on a day to day basis and provide support when needed
  • Work with colleagues across Group offices to develop and maintain a 'good compliance culture' throughout the business
  • To assist with, and provide advice and training to all staff, senior management and board directors on Regulatory matters as required
  • To be a committee member and attend meetings

They are looking for candidates with 5 years compliance experience

  • Experience in Private Banking/Wealth Management
  • Knowledge of legal regulatory and industry requirements
  • Communication - written and verbal to all levels of the organisation and to external third parties including regulators and law enforcement
  • Influential qualities, as well as leadership and management qualities
  • Participating in project management and leading/ managing when necessary


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