UK Report on Jobs - June 2022

The UK Report on Jobs for June from the REC UK and KPMG is just out.  REC’s Chief Executive, Neil Carberry, is quoted in the report as follows:


“The labour market is still strong, with demand for new staff high. That said, today’s data show that we are likely to be past the peak of the post-pandemic hiring spree. That pace of growth was always going to be temporary – the big question now is the effect that inflation has on pay and consumer demand over the course of the rest of the year. Whether we will see the market settle at close to normal levels, or see a slowdown, is unpredictable at this point.


“Part of the reason for unpredictability in the market is a slower economy accompanied by severe labour and skills shortages. These are already proving a constraint on growth in many firms. The government should be thinking about how to ensure all its departments enable greater labour market participation and encourage business investment funds to help address this. 


“It is important to note that plenty of hiring is happening in this tight market – there are candidates out there for firms who get it right. Skilled recruitment professionals are at the heart of this, making a difference to opportunity and growth for companies and workers.”


Here at Situations in Guernsey we’re seeing a similar picture.  The first quarter of this year was extremely buoyant, with hundreds of vacancies available and many candidate placements.  Things quietened candidate-wise in the second quarter, whilst vacancy numbers remained very high.  We’re now seeing a surge again in new candidate registrations with our agency, as well as various senior staff placements.


Job opportunities in Guernsey remain prevalent, especially at mid and trainee level, and candidate placements are happening fast and frequently across the Island, so hopefully the recruitment issues which local employers have been facing over the last year will be reducing soon.




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