Jobs are Booming

Are you wanting to move jobs? But worried about all the doom and gloom talk about a financial slump?

All of the UK news coverage at present can be very worrying to a lot of people, it’s easy to become anxious about keeping your job, let alone landing a new one. We are here to put your mind at ease. Companies will have investigated and considered all of the financial implications before starting the recruitment process for a new hire. If you have any questions regarding a company’s stability during this time, please ask your recruitment consultant for more information on the company and their positioning in the market.

Is it the best time to move? The market is very busy and we still have literally hundreds of vacancies on our books. Furthermore, companies are looking more at transferable skills in the current candidate shortage.

Jonathan Boys, labour market economist for the CIPD, said: “Forecasts of a recession may dampen employers’ recruitment plans in time, but for now, the UK is still in the grips of a hiring boom.” In Guernsey, the employment market remains very buoyant with no signs of slowing and we are not usually as severely affected here in any downturn.

With this high demand for candidates comes the added benefit of less competition for roles, meaning that right now you may be able to secure a higher salary to help with the increased cost of living. This is evidenced in the CIPD research back in August where they found that pay expectations had hit a ‘record high’ in the private sector.

Life is too short to stay in a job that you’re not enjoying, or which doesn’t give you enough of a challenge, so check out our website for the long list of Guernsey opportunities available to improve your career and life today. Simply register below to chat to one of our friendly consultants. We’re here for you.


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