Mental Health- Working from Home

During these very strange and uncertain times, where many of us are working from home, it is important to make sure we are not only taking care of ourselves physically, but mentally too. Many of us are already feeling the strain of worldwide fear, combined with the restrictions of being stuck at home. The situation we are currently all in, is very challenging and may impact our mental wellness negatively. However, there are many things we can do to ensure that we are trying our best to stay well in mind and body.

So, here are some things that you may be struggling with and some ideas of how you could counteract that negativity, with proactivity.

How about if you are finding the lack of social contact difficult? For many people, the concept of working from home and not seeing colleagues for an unknown amount of time, is very strange. Here at Situations, we call each other our day family and we are all missing each other’s company. This paired with being unable to see family and friends is a difficult norm to adapt to.

However, we are very fortunate to live in a world where nearly everyone is just a phone call away. Whether you are hoping to talk to colleagues, family or friends, there are a plethora of ways to stay connected online and feel less alone. For instance, stay in touch by setting up a group chat with your loved ones or colleagues where you can send updates of what you are getting up to and share things that have made you laugh or has brightened your day. It is imperative that you stay in contact with your loved ones and colleagues, as this could aid not only your mental wellness, but theirs too.

Working at home can come with a lot of distractions. If you are struggling to get used to this new reality of working from home and worry about the many distractions that come along with it, why not designate a space for the day, that you use specifically for working? Creating a separation between your work environment and your home life can be very important in relation to productivity. For example, we wouldn’t advise that you work whilst snuggled up in your bed, as most people will discover that they feel less motivated to get their work done and instead want to curl up and have a snooze.

What about the fact that you are having to get into a wholly new routine, and haven’t quite found your feet with it yet? Having a routine can be fundamental to productivity, as when you do not utilise your day effectively, it can often leave you feeling flat and like you have wasted your time. To ensure this does not happen, make a general outline of what you would like to achieve each day and try and stick to it the best you can.

For example:

• Get up
• Have breakfast
• Get ready to start the working day
• Make a to-do list for work tasks
• Have lunch/Go outside in the fresh air and exercise
• Go through work to do list, ticking off each task when completed
• Do something you enjoy after finishing work
• Have dinner
• Relax
• Go to bed

Make sure that these tasks are achievable, as putting pressure on yourself by setting unrealistic goals will only lead to you feeling defeated.

Now, are you struggling to find that work/life balance, especially with children in the picture? In relation to the latter points made, many parents are putting immense pressure on themselves to juggle working from home, keeping their little ones busy and teaching them too. If you are guilty of this, why not try to set your expectations of yourself a little lower, as technically, you are currently doing three full-time jobs, which is far too much to ask of anyone. Instead of packing the pressure on, try to let go of all this extra stress and make the best of a tough situation, as we can all only do our best. It is a great idea to communicate with other parents and see how they are coping with this new challenge, as you can share tips and offload. To help you feel more positive, why not take a break and go out for walks in the fresh air with your children, or make sure to sit down at a table and eat lunch as family? Doing small things like this can make all the difference to your mental health and give you just the boost you need.

Are you finding it very hard to remain optimistic at the moment? These are very stressful and worrying times, however, it is paramount to our mental health that we find ways to keep a positive mindset. Here are a few ways to do so:

• Every day, write a list of what you are grateful for in your life.
• At the end of each week, reward yourself and indulge in a nice meal or treat
• Be creative; Whether you paint, do D.I.Y., colour, knit or crochet, being creative is a great way to relieve stress and help you feel like you have achieved something
• Listen to your favourite music and sing your heart out
• Find time for you; Put on a facemask, put your feet up and watch a good movie, you deserve it
• Know that we are all in this together

If you would like more information on how to maintain your mental health, visit Mind:  


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