UK Report on Jobs - August 2021

The KPMG & REC UK Report on Jobs for August 2021 is now out and the news is extremely positive:

  • Permanent placement growth hits record high.
  • Vacancy growth holds close to all-time high.

Understandably, with the growth in staff placements and new vacancies, there has been an unprecedented drop in candidate supply.

We’re glad to say that this is exactly the same picture we’re seeing on the Island right now, with a huge influx of new Guernsey vacancies over the last few months - all great news!, but accordingly a drop in local candidate supply.  However, August is traditionally a quiet month for candidate intake whilst everyone takes their summer holidays, so that’s not unexpected, with September usually gleaning a good few new job seekers when the children go back to school, as well as contractors becoming available again for the winter months.  So a strong increase in candidate supply is expected as we head into Autumn.




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