The Latest REC Report on Jobs

It is great to see the latest very positive monthly UK Report on Jobs from KPMG and REC UK.  REC’s Chief Exec, Neil Carberry, states:  “The jobs market is improving at one of the fastest rates we have ever seen, and that’s great news.  We are bouncing back from a record low … but the data shows that job creating is firing up again.”

The report also states that demand for staff in the UK has improved at the greatest extent for 23 years and permanent job placement growth has hit the highest level since October 1997.

We’re seeing a similar picture in jobs growth here in Guernsey, with the number of active vacancies on our books more than doubling since January 2021, many of which are in Trust, Fund and Compliance.  The employment market is clearly much more bullish than last year, with a large number of quality candidates who feel ready for change or progression registering with us over the last 2 months.



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