Top Six Interview Tips for Video

With the Covid-19 outbreak affecting many daily business activities, interviews are not one of them thanks to the advancement of technology. We are blessed to live in a time when technology has made it easy to connect candidates and businesses via video calls. So, with ever-increasing video interviews being set up, below are our top six Interview Tips for video.

Know the Software

There are many interview video methods, from Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts or Imo; the list goes on and on.
With there being so many versatile platforms and software to help with the modern age of video interviewing, the most important thing to do before your interview is to know how the software works. So, it’s advisable before your interview to get to know the software well and maybe do a practice run with a family member or friend.


Computer Check

Check your camera and audio are working correctly on your computer the day before your interview, so you don’t have to cancel at the last minute because you are experiencing issues. That would give the wrong impression to the interviewer.


Look at the Camera, not the Screen

It’s very hard not to look at yourself on the screen when you are talking. We advise that you look ahead at the camera, so you are maintaining direct eye contact with your interviewer.


Dress for success

A video call is no excuse not to look your best! You should dress professionally as you would for a face to face interview. We would also advise you to dress from head to toe and not from the waist up.


Prepare your Surroundings

Having a clean background in a frame is important, you don’t want anything to distract the caller. So, make sure you pick a spot that is clutter-free and has good lighting.
Another thing to take into consideration is picking a quiet place, to minimise any external noise i.e. cars or children playing.


Notifications Noises

Please make sure you close any software that causes notification noises. This can be very distracting and interrupt an interview. You wouldn’t keep your phone on while being interviewed so why would you be logged into your email or social media account.


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