Temping after Lockdown

Well, we made it! Lockdown is finally over, and we have come out the other side, a little bumped and bruised but still in one piece and ready to get back to matching candidates to their dream jobs. We understand that from both the client and candidate point of view, it is a little daunting thinking about jumping into a new job or hiring new staff right now, I am sure that thoughts of security, financials and headcounts are running around your head, enough to make you dizzy, but do not worry, we’ve got you covered!

There are so many pro’s to temping in this current climate not only for the candidate but also for our clients. Let us first look at what the pros are to hiring a temp at the moment. When everything came to a standstill earlier in the year so did all the plans to get that CDD project sorted or to hire that extra accountant to help spread the workload or perhaps take on a new trainee to expand the team, those plans all went out the window but the need for those candidates didn’t go away. Temporary candidates allow those needs to be fulfilled but without jumping in with both feet when you are still working out the impact that Covid-19 had on your company. You can hire a qualified, experienced temp to come in and pick up the extra workload or get started on a project for as short or as long a period as you feel fit, it gives you complete control over your headcount and financials during this difficult time of getting back on your feet. If you are looking to expand your team in the near future, taking on a temp gives you the chance to see if you can support another permanent salary at this time and also if the candidate is needed and beneficial to the company.

Now onto the pros for candidates, we understand that lockdown may have put quite a few plans on hold, whether it be travelling or finding a new career path, it may have also given you the time to reflect on your current career path and if you want to continue along it. Temping could be the answer to living in limbo, to give you back the routine that we have all missed during lockdown whilst you figure out your next move. It could be that you need some work before continuing on your travels or you want to discover a new challenge by exploring a variety of temporary positions. Whatever the reason, temping can benefit you and help you to bounce back post lockdown.

We have a variety of junior, mid, and senior-level temporary vacancies and candidates immediately available. Get in contact today to hear more about how temping can benefit you.


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