Is your diet and lifestyle affecting your work productivity?

Is your diet and lifestyle affecting your work productivity? Three major personal factors that affect employee’s productivity are non-job related issues (such as financial problems), lifestyle risks (such as obesity and diet) and insomnia.


Importance of Physical Activity

A lack of physical activity has been associated with low workplace productivity, so it is not unusual that companies are now supplying employees with free/ discounted gym memberships, health food options and are implementing wellbeing policies.

“People spend the majority of their time in the workplace, so it’s natural that time positive changes in the workplace can have the most impact in helping people to live more healthy lives. The government has realised this and encourages employers to do more in this field, with initiatives such as its Public Health responsibility deal and workplace wellbeing charter. It also makes good business sense to keep the workforce healthy and productive, as healthy employees are more engaged, more productive, happier and more loyal when they see the link between what their employer provides for them and improvements in their personal health”
- Brett Hill, Managing Director at The Health Insurance Group

Investing in Health

Some companies might be reluctant to provide these services due to the cost factor, but it appears a company’s investment in the health of its employees is paying off. Numerous studies show compressive wellbeing plans and fitness plans over time have reduced illness, injuries and increased productivity, not only that but they boost morale!

See below some of the companies providing great schemes who won at the 2015 Britain’s Healthiest Company Awards:

  • Johnson & Johnson have an onsite physiotherapist and massage therapist as a part of its stress management strategy.
  • Sweaty Betty offers staff yoga classes
  • Old Mutual employees get counselling on housing, debt, relationship and bereavement.
  • Adidas are offering emotional and mental health clinics to all staff, plus life coaches

Do you have a Health and Wellbeing policy at your organisation?

“Being able to get fit, lose weight or practice mindfulness is so much easier when you do it with others, and technology enables that social networking aspect to be incorporated into employees’ wellbeing programmes and makes it a really fun way to engage with colleagues.”
- Dr Steven Luttrell, Media Director at BUPA


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