Interview Tips #6

What’s the best/most memorable answer you’ve heard from a candidate at an interview?

I did have a candidate whose long-term goal was “to live with the seasons and be at one with nature”…….


And what’s the worst?

How long was the interview going to last, as they hadn’t had their <insert swear word> dinner yet!


How do you feel someone should dress for an interview?

They don’t have to have their Sunday best on – as long as they look professional and feel relaxed, that’s the most important thing.


Do you feel that the standard challenging question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time” still has a place in today’s interview processes?

No!  Most of us know that these days, our plans are likely to change and that it isn’t always feasible to have the years ahead mapped out in stone.   I think a better question is “What other aspirations do you have in terms of career achievement, other than your current job?”


When in the interview process should a candidate mention salary?

Not until the end of the first interview, or the second interview, in my view.  If we have used an agency then a candidate is likely to have an idea of the package, but otherwise wait until you have more information on the job and organisation before you ask about salary.


What’s the most important tip you would give to a candidate attending an interview?

Be really well prepared.  Read up on the organisation so that you know what products and services they offer, where they have offices, the key players in the organisation – but most importantly, read the job description and make notes of everything you need to ask.   Interviewers don’t mind being asked questions about the role – it shows a candidate is genuinely interested.


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