16 Jun 2020

Benefit Administration Specialist

Ref 33068

A small trust company is seeking a Benefit Administration Specialist to join their Trust Administration Team in Guernsey. The role involves all facets of Trust Administration including oversight of employee incentive arrangements Trusts, Share Schemes and Nominee Arrangements, and most importantly client relationship management. 

The Benefits Administration Specialist role will be suited to an “all-rounder” who enjoys the responsibility of a diverse role covering all aspects of Trust Administration and Client relationship Management. 

The ideal candidate will have an understanding of the unique nature of working in a small focussed team where no task is departmentalised and there is a need to partake in diverse tasks for clients; from filing minutes to managing multi-million-pound transactions and everything in between. 

Training will be provided to a candidate who is considered appropriate but may not have all the desired competencies.



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