Skills Testing

Finding the right staff with proven skills to add value to your organisation is all important. With an increase in the number of candidates applying for each role nowadays, proven testing of their skills and systems knowledge can save precious recruitment and training time and immediately eliminate unsuitable applicants. We can offer you comprehensive skills and system testing of candidates.

We offer a wide variety of online IT and business skills tests including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access from basic to advanced level), and a variety of other software (e.g. Lotus, Quark, Quickbooks, Adobe, etc.), as well as Accounting/Bookkeeping skills, Maths/Numeracy, Spelling, English Language, Typing Tests, Legal Word Processing & Vocabulary, Telephone Etiquette and Data Entry, amongst many others.

The tests are managed and administered by this office, they’re emailed out to the candidate, monitored throughout the process and the results forwarded on to you by a member of our team.  The results show the type of skill tested, the level of skill for each task and the speed at which each particular task was completed, as well as a comprehensive summary of results including a final percentage result and the candidate’s percentile ranking compared to the global average.

Our skills testing can either be offered as an additional service in the process of placing one of our candidates at your organisation, or as an entirely separate service unconnected with the placement of a candidate.

For a small fee per individual test, we’d be delighted to assist you in ensuring that applicants for your vacancies have the necessary skill set to do the job.

If you are interested to know more or wish to book a test, please call us on 01481 710639 or email

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