Lockdown 2

Here we go again! We all thought we were done with lockdown and in Guernsey we had got used to being free and easy, going about our daily lives in whatever way we wish, wherever and with anyone we choose. Unfortunately, life had other ideas, this dreaded virus has hit our island again and come back with a vengeance.

Luckily, as Peter Ferbrache said, we’ve done this before and we can do it again! Here at Situations we just picked up our laptops, went home and, with a bit of initial changing of meetings to videos, we carried on working as normal.

Anyway, let’s look on the bright side! Office attire is back to pyjamas or joggers, no make-up required, no venturing out in the terrible weather we’ve been having, and only having to grocery shop once a week. It’s almost like we’re hibernating this winter, which is quite nice, but carrying on working from home wherever possible.

Another plus is that we’ve learnt from last time. In Spring 2020 none of us knew what was happening in the world and for how long we’d be in that terrible situation, the world ground to a halt to a large extent and business worryingly reduced for a few weeks. This time we know the score and the difference is that it’s a truly local issue, with many areas of the rest of the world open for business as usual. We know how to do this, we’re all used to video meetings and online training these days and we’ll just get on with it. Also, Guernsey’s finance sector has a largely international client base, so here at Situations we’re fortunate in that we haven’t seen any reduction in incoming new business this time. Companies are still recruiting, sending us plenty of new vacancies, we’re arranging candidate interviews left, right and centre, and passing on some fantastic job offers. The world has realised that business can’t just stop, so let’s carry on regardless! It’s just by video these days instead of face to face.

Of course we’re very aware that not everyone can continue working remotely, and we really feel for those who are stuck at home at the moment and would love to be carrying on with their normal daily workload, earning their keep. We completely understand that this can be a very tricky time financially for many islanders. With our fantastic Dr Brink and the CCA looking after us, let’s hope it’s not too long before we’re all back in our usual work places.

The main thing is that we all stay safe and well and abide by the rules to keep our wonderful Guernsey community healthy. All being well, we’ll be back to enjoying our fantastic island life exactly as we wish very soon.



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