Talk Temps

We are delighted to announce the rebranding of our temp division “Talk Temps” to reflect the company’s evolution, with Consultant Gemma Le Page now managing our temp desk.

The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of our temp logo and advertising. The new logo utilises simple and bold graphics to convey how fast-paced the temp business is and the impact temps can make in a short period.

Joint MD Melissa Campbell explained

“We’ve been placing temps and contractors for over 30 years in roles ranging from Filing Clerk right up to Finance Director and everything from a 1 day assignment to several years. Our extensive experience in managing temp & contract recruitment and our knowledge of the local employment market means we are second to none when it comes to placing temps on short notice.”
We believe our new temp brand signature “Talk Temps” emphasises the strength of our experience and capabilities and our commitment to discussing your recruitment needs to make the perfect job match for both our temps and clients.”

Gemma Le Page explained

“Since taking over managing the Situations temp division in September 2019 I have made many temporary placements, from entry level admin to senior compliance, to part time retail and my quickest ever placement being 1 hour from registration to placement! Having been overseeing the re brand of our temp division from brain storming to end result, I wanted something that represented the quick, efficient turnover of our service, something fun and eye catching that represented our personality not just our professionalism.”
“We are more determined than ever to continue growing our success in placing temps in their perfect jobs so come and have a chat with me and we can discuss how you can MAKE AN IMPACT in your next role.”

So, if you are looking for temp work or seeking a temp employee, contact Gemma today and let’s talk temps -


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