REC Report on Jobs

Having just received the latest UK Report on Jobs from KPMG and the REC, we’re encouraged to see:

• Permanent placements and temp billings return to growth
• Substantial increase in candidate supply

Following an understandable large dip in UK recruitment business this spring, the graph of permanent and temp placements has now sharply returned to average levels, with UK temps performing better than permanent recruitment in the current uncertain financial climate.

Adversely, we’re not seeing the same picture here in Guernsey regarding temps. Although it is slowly on the rise again, temp recruitment is seen as an additional expense that not every local business is happy to incur at present, so that market is not faring so well here yet. However permanent recruitment on the Island has largely returned to normal and companies are being bullish about recruiting new long term staff to maintain a quality service to their clients and manage daily workloads.



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