Isolation Day 1

Days of self-isolation and working from home = 1, calories consumed = 1 million, amount of Disney tunes played to lift spirits = uncountable! , It’s amazing how when something is on your mind every song seems to fit, Frozen 2 ‘into the unknown’, Princess and the Frog ‘friends on the other side’, although I think Olaf singing about when he’s older everything makes sense gives kids a slight false sense of security! As a lot of you out there will agree, nothing seems to make much sense at the moment! I feel like each day feels a bit like that first light when you are on holiday and your running down to get your towel on the sunbed, never many people about other than the others who had the same idea, its executed with precision and stealth and as quickly as possible, a bit like a trip to Waitrose in this current situation, also similar to being on holiday you always end the day with a bottle! Of water of course! Ending my first day at home with most of my brain cells, 90% of my sanity, the beginning of an extra chin but with the safety of myself and others still intact so all in all a success.


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