Election 2020 Volunteering

I’ve always been interested in the local elections from an early age and my parents encouraged me to vote as soon as I was old enough, to have my say in how the Island is run. I’ve always loved the pomp and circumstance of going to vote at the Douzaine room, receiving my ballot paper, making my selections and keenly awaiting the result.

This year my photo was actually included in the “Count Me In” States of Guernsey campaign to encourage more people to vote, and it certainly seemed to be a successful project with 31,000 people registered to vote in 2020. So I’ve been interested in this new Island-wide election from the outset.

When I saw the appeal from the States for volunteers at the Polling Stations I was interested straight away and put my name forward. I had to fill in an application form describing my relevant skills and stating why I’d like to volunteer. I was delighted to be accepted and had to undergo 2 hours’ training to make sure I assisted in the correct way on the voting days. Elections are legal proceedings with strict rules and criteria, so following the instructions to a tee was vital.

I spent one-morning volunteering at the super polling station at the Performing Arts Centre, meeting and greeting a steady stream of voters and showing them to their correct parish desk to obtain their ballot papers. Then on the second morning I assisted at a parish polling station, which was much quieter, but we actually had quite a few postal votes delivered that day.

The election result came out in the middle of last night and although I just couldn’t stay up that late, I was up with the lark this morning to find out who was successful. I had chosen the maximum 38 candidates and I’m delighted to say that most of my choices got in. I’m really happy with the results – a great selection of existing and new candidates to mix things up and make the important decisions required over the next term, hopefully efficiently and without delay.

Let’s see what the next 4 years bring.

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