Career planning in uncertain times

Just left school and looking to get on the career ladder? Or perhaps been made redundant or considering a career change? The current world state is relevant to how you plan your future career. We share with you a model of how to go about career planning. This includes self-assessment, career exploration, decision making and planning and implementation.


The first stage helps to understand who you are and what your values, skills and strengths and development areas are.

Career Exploration

Having completed the self-assessment, you may start to have some career ideas. These can be researched online or at the library, talking to people who do the role and perhaps even undertaking some work shadowing.

Perhaps consider the future employment prospects as we start to emerge from the pandemic as this has changed the labour market. Also, consider those different sectors may be working in different ways i.e. working from home.

Conducting psychometric tests may also assist in confirming that the career path is the right fit.

Decision making

Having identified a small number of career ideas it is worthwhile considering how you have made decisions in the past. Reflect on how you have made important decisions. Did you write the advantages and disadvantages down? Or do you rely on gut instinct? Weigh up your decisions carefully.

Plan Implementation

The final stage involves having a targeted job search plan and applying for jobs!
For this make sure your CV is up to date and you fully understand what requirements are needed to apply i.e. is an application form or cover letter required?


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