Why use a graduate in a temporary role?

Do you struggle to fill temporary vacancies for holiday cover, sickness, maternity leave?

Do you find that your staff morale is hit when it is a busy period due to being under-resourced?

Do you have a project that needs an additional resource? Have you ever thought about recruiting a Temporary Graduate to fill these needs?

Although only available during holidays such as Easter, Summer and Christmas, until they complete their studies, graduates can provide necessary support to your teams at crucial times. More often than not Graduates are quick to learn and pick up new tasks, enthusiastic and can bring fresh ideas and approaches too. They are an intelligent resource for general office administration and project support.

Graduates are a great way of succession planning through developing ongoing working relationships if they are re-engaged throughout their studies. Companies have found offering Graduates various temporary opportunities has led to a permanent role at the end of the Graduates studies. Employers can test reliability, timekeeping, accuracy and abilities during the temporary assignments and ensure fit within the firm too.

Graduates are a cost-efficient way to fill a resource for a short period of time.

So why not contact us today with your temporary vacancy and consider the Graduates we have on offer.



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