UK & Guernsey Employment Markets

The KPMG and REC UK Report on Jobs for December 2018 is just out and is showing the slowest rise in permanent appointments since April 2017, largely due to the supply of candidates falling sharply. However, this situation is not unusual as the year draws to a close, with many candidates putting their job search on hold whilst waiting to hear on year-end bonuses and pay rises.

Commenting on the latest survey results, James Stewart, Vice Chair at KPMG, said:
“A lack of work ready candidates is really beginning to bite UK businesses and the situation is worsening. Many of the UK’s main sectors are now struggling to hire staff. It really is a candidate’s market at the moment.
“A lot of people don’t want to move jobs right now because there is so much uncertainty around. In addition, the supply of EU citizens entering the UK for work is slowing whilst every sector continues to take on more staff. This means a near-record number of vacancies are going unfilled and talent gaps in industries like engineering, finance, and IT are opening up.
“December is always a bit of lean period in the jobs market but Brexit has amplified that effect. Consequently, companies are having to offer increasingly attractive and creative packages to tempt new talent on board. If you aren’t looking forward to another year in your current job, now is a good time to go job hunting.”

Here at Situations Recruitment, we saw a more positive picture in Guernsey employment over the last quarter of 2018, with a steady increase in permanent and contract staff placements and a positive finish to the year. We still have several hundred Guernsey office vacancies available though, both in the finance and commercial sectors, with more coming in every day now that the new year has arrived.

We are cautiously optimistic about the Guernsey employment outlook for 2019.


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