5 Ways to Boost Staff Morale During Winter

As the morning light arrives later each day and disappears with haste every eve, it is no wonder that many people feel a little unenthused and unmotivated when it comes to achieving their best standard of work. So how can you, as an employer, encourage and inspire your staff to stay fully motivated in these upcoming cold winter months?

Be sure to create a warm and welcoming working environment

If employees are in a stressful or toxic environment at work, it can be completely detrimental to their mental health and their work productivity, especially in the dark and dreary winter.

As Guernsey Mind explains, ‘It is widely recognised that mentally healthy workplaces experience less absence, increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction. Yet right now, one in six workers is experiencing depression, anxiety or stress.’

Whether it be by simply offering to make a round of teas or coffees, or providing a few snacks to share around, a friendly and caring environment where employees feel embraced, can have a significant impact on the overall positivity of staff and their quality of work.

Prioritise both the physical and mental health of your employees

When conducting a survey, People HR found that 79% of employees are too afraid to take a sick day. The reasons for this ranged from falling behind on their workload (40%), pressure from their boss (24%), to just wanting to be seen in the office (22%). Whether an employee is suffering from physical or mental illness, it is best to prioritise their health and wellbeing, to ensure that they feel fully supported to take the time off that they require, for some restorative rest.

Show appreciation for their hard work

Showing gratitude for an employee’s hard work is as simple as verbally saying thank you, or even gifting them with a small token of appreciation at the end of each quarter. It doesn’t take much for an employee to feel heard and seen, so making these sorts of gestures can go a very long way in ensuring that they feel valued.

Organise staff social events

Social events are a great way to encourage staff to get to know each other outside work. From escape rooms, to golfing, or even organising a meal, socialising out of working hours can be extremely advantageous to successful teamwork inside of the office.

Create some seasonal fun

Celebrating the different holidays that are included within the wintertime, can be a really great way to turn winter blues into winter wahoos! Decorating the office as a team, or having a seasonal themed party full of food and beverages, can be a fun way to get all of your employees in high spirits and help them to see the positive aspects of winter, rather than the negative.



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