Temping is Tempting!


Situations Recruitment’s temp market is buoyant, with a huge range of temps being placed this summer in roles ranging from HR, Legal/Compliance, Business Analysis, Trust, Account Management Banking Operations, as well as general Administration and Reception work.

It’s not just holiday and sickness cover, our clients also employ temps to assist with busy periods without adding to their permanent headcount, to cover seasonal work, undertake special projects and to assess whether they may need an additional member of staff on a permanent basis, giving the business control and flexibility.  Also we take care of all the candidate screening, so the client can employ the temp quickly and easily.


Temping Today

We’ve been successfully placing temps in Guernsey for 31 years, but temping has changed.  When I first started work at Situations Recruitment 15 years ago, the vast majority of our temps were PA’s, Secretaries, Receptionists and Filing Clerks.  Whilst we still do have such temps out on assignment, many of our temps are now working in Trust, Accounting, Compliance, Banking, etc., undertaking senior roles and getting high rates of pay.

Although we do still see the occasional assignment for a day, or a week or two here or there, our assignments nowadays are generally for 6-12 months and temps can often be made permanent if both parties are happy.

Our longest-serving temp worked in the same Administration role in the finance sector for 23 years, receiving bonuses and benefits just like the permanent staff.  That must be a record!

Social media is where recruitment is at right now.  We recently won the Guernsey Customer Service Award for Best Use of Social Media and find that social media is a great way to post new temporary opportunities and keep in touch with our temps.



  • Freedom! You can work when you like and take time out when you like
  • Variety – to undertake a range of roles and tasks in order to keep your working life interesting!
  • It’s great for seasonal work or when you need to take longer breaks, e.g. you can work over the winter and then take time out in the summer sunshine
  • You can earn some extra cash to go travelling, do that house refurbishment or treat yourself to something special
  • If you’ve retired from permanent work but are not quite ready to give up work entirely, you can temp for short or long periods to suit you
  • You can “try before you buy” – try out a particular field of work or company and see if you like it before committing to a permanent position/future career
  • Increase your skill set – add to your skills to help your future career
  • Made redundant? You can temp to maintain income whilst seeking a new permanent position
  • Networking – by temping in various places you will build your professional network and develop useful contacts


Check out our current temp vacancies here – https://situations.gg/jobs/?contract=1

or contact Situations Temps at temps@situations.gg to find out more about employing a temp or temping yourself.



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