Interview Tips #1 Executive Director, Investment Firm

What’s the best/most memorable answer you’ve heard from a candidate at an interview? 

A number of answers to various questions but all with the same characteristic – reflecting enthusiasm for what they do.


And what’s the worst?

Some sob story. It’s a job interview, not a session with a psychologist. Leave emotions out of it.How do you feel someone should dress for an interview? – Always with attention to detail, and don’t forget to groom. First impressions count.


Do you feel that the standard challenging question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time” still has a place in today’s interview processes?

Yes – if only to show that the person has goals and thinks ahead.


When in the interview process should a candidate mention salary?

When the interviewer asks.


What’s the most important tip you would give to a candidate attending an interview?

Sell yourself well, but make sure what you are selling is not a dud product. An interview is a two-way process; be sure the job is right for you as well.


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