Careers Advice for Graduates & School Leavers

Careers Advice for Graduates & School Leavers:

  1. Use Career Services - Use recruitment agencies; also keep an eye out on other local job websites.
  2. Customize CV - Tailor your CV to the specific job/ industry you are applying to.  By tailoring your CV to the specific industry to which you are applying you can greatly increase your chances of securing an interview.
  3. Networking
  • For example, if Trust is the field you want to get into, look for new connections on LinkedIn that you can make in Trust to expand your network. You can follow/friend/connect with Trust industry sites and Trust news sites. These connections will enable you to stay up-to-date in that field as well as providing the connections and advice that will help you in your job hunt.
  • If you are a graduate, use your university alumni service to find people working for companies you are interested in. They may have graduates who work in firms that you are interested in, and be willing to connect.
  1. Volunteer - Do you have spare time while job hunting to volunteer at a local company/charity, this is a great experience and a great CV builder.
  2. Social Media – cleaning up your social media profile is essential. Delete any inappropriate/questionable comments and photos; make sure your social profiles are something you’d be okay with a hiring manager seeing. Also update your LinkedIn profile with relevant information and use a professional smart photo.
  3. Join your University Career Development Centre - These centres can help you with searching for vacancies, drafting job applications, preparing for an interview and helping to find volunteering opportunities. These are great resources when you’re at university and they can help you for up to 3 years after graduating!
  4. 5 Year Plan - While it may seem daunting to think that far into the future, break down your long-term goals into small detailed steps. This is also good when you get asked in an interview what your career goals are and you can refer back to your 5 Year plan.
  5. Consider Temp work - a great way to use your time wisely is to temp.  This is great for building up your skills and experience on your CV.  It can also help you decide which job sector you prefer the most to help you make your final career decision.
  6. Don’t Panic – If you’ve had several interviews, don’t necessarily accept the first offer just because it’s a job.  Don’t settle for a position that isn’t right for you, take your time to think it over. Wait until you hear from all places before making your final decision.


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